AXIM Biotech, Inc. Working on Innovative Response to Global Drug Addiction Crisis

August 10, 2017

AXIM Biotech, Inc.

AXIM Biotech, Inc. has entered into a clinical study agreement with the renowned University of British Columbia, one of the top three universities in Canada. The study is a clinical trial examining the effectiveness of AXIM’s CBD chewing gum product line as a treatment for psychosis stemming from drug use. This treatment indication is an innovative response to the global drug addiction crisis.

Drug-Induced Psychosis

Psychosis is defined by the mental health community as a disconnect between the individual’s perception and reality itself. Psychosis can result in delusions, hallucinations and other distressing experiences for the affected individual. This condition is also known as substance-induced psychotic disorder, and it may be triggered by drug withdrawal, overdose or interactions between drugs, according to the American Addiction Centers.
As explained by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately 3 out of every 100 people experience one or more psychotic episodes in their lives. The goal of the University of British Columbia trial is to determine whether AXIM’s CBD chewing gum is an effective treatment for the symptoms of substance-induced psychosis.

CBD Gum and Psychosis Treatment

The Clinical Study Agreement between AXIM and the University of British Columbia will focus on the CanChew Plus chewing gum line. This product is formulated with 50mg of CBD and offers a unique delivery mechanism for those suffering from drug-induced psychosis. Chewing gum provides a discreet delivery system and easily controlled doses throughout the day. Until now, patients suffering from drug-induced psychosis have had incredibly limited treatment options.

Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis

Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, and both prescription opioids and heroin account for more than half of accidental overdose deaths. MJNA seeks to offer innovative solutions to those in the medical profession when it comes to addressing this global crisis. Promising results for AXIM’s CBD chewing gum in IBS indications will hopefully open the door for this product to be used for other treatment indications as well.

A new patent on AXIM’s CanChew Plus gum protects chewing gum formulated with both cannabinoids and opioids. This product holds significant promise as a method of combating the global opioid crisis. The irresponsible prescribing of opioids is a leading cause of the opioid epidemic. Many patients obtain legitimate opioid prescriptions for pain when other options, such as cannabinoid-based products or lower-dose opioid analgesics would be more appropriate. It is common for physicians to prescribe high-dose opioids to manage mild pain after an accident or routine dental procedure. The highly addictive potential of opioids means that many of those patients become dependent upon those drugs to manage pain, both physical and psychosomatic, resulting in the development of a long-term addiction as the patient requires higher and higher dosages to maintain the desired state. When used as a treatment for pain alongside a lower dose of opioids, cannabinoids could reduce the risk of opioid dependency and addiction. Because CBD chewing gum is non-addictive, it could offer physicians a safer alternative to traditional opioid prescribing methods.

MJNA in Mexico

HempMeds Mexico has made great strides in the adoption of medical marijuana as a treatment for a variety of treatment indications. In June, Mexico legalized medical marijuana with up to 1-percent THC. Mexico has also given permission for research into the medical use of higher-THC products. In response, MJNA has developed THC-free products to address the needs of consumers in these markets. Recent legalization allows MJNA to offer a fuller spectrum of its products, paving the way for more treatment options for Mexican patients. MJNA’s CBD products have yielded a significant reduction in the rate and severity of seizures in pediatric patients, making them a highly viable option for the treatment of refractory epilepsy.

HempMeds Brasil

In mid-August, MJNA will be meeting with industry leaders in Brazil. The nation has recently welcomed HempMeds Brasil’s products for the treatment of both ALS and psoriasis. Brazilian patients with a prescription for HempMeds Brasil products in these treatment indications may be reimbursed through the Brazilian healthcare system. These products have also been approved for a variety of other therapeutic indications, including migraines, pain, refractory epilepsy, cancer-related pain, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. With such a welcoming response, AXIM hopes to continue to expand its product availability throughout Brazil and the rest of Latin America as well.


Jim Gibson is the newly appointed Vice President of Operations for Kannaway, a subsidiary that offers a diverse liquid-form product line. The full-spectrum liquid line joins the hemp vape line, making it possible for consumers and patients to obtain Kannaway’s products in a variety of formulations and delivery options. Kannaway’s new Tranquility product line is designed to promote sedation and relaxation.

Other 2017 Developments

As MJNA and its subsidiaries continue to expand in terms of clinical trial results, international permissions and product diversification, consumers in a variety of fields will benefit. From over-the-counter product lines to clinical studies on the treatment and prevention of prescription drug addiction, MJNA’s products continue to pioneer new options for physicians and patients alike. The first half of 2017 has yielded promising growth and added to the overall understanding of the versatile capabilities of CBD-based products in a variety of treatment indications.