How the Hemp2Health and Advantis Partnership Will Change the Medical Marijuana Industry

June 24, 2016

CBD oil extracts

SmallCapVoice recently interviewed Christopher Swartz, the CEO of the Advantis Corporation (ADVT), a thriving company in the burgeoning sector of CBD-based nutraceuticals. Swartz explained that his company recently offered a letter of intent to Hemp2Health, LLC, a Colorado-based company that provides high-quality CBD oil extracts. The collaboration is expected to allow Advantis to offer an even wider variety of CBD oil products to its consumers.

CBD oil is the fastest growing sector within the medical marijuana industry, and for good reason. Christopher Swartz explains that his company hired Dr. Thomas Elgin as its Chief Medic so the talented physician could put his fifteen years of emergency medicine experience to work in developing revolutionary new cannabis oil products. Dr. Elgin will assume responsibility for testing all products acquired and distributed by Advantis as well as those produced by the company.

Company Leadership

Christopher Swartz is an entrepreneur and consultant with a long and successful career that spans 20 years and a variety of industries. His passion for providing pain management options shines through in his work with Advantis as the person who is primarily responsible for developing new products and guidelines to help the corporation move forward.

Medical Marijuana Effectiveness

According to Swartz and Dr. Elgin, medical marijuana is at the forefront of new treatment options being made available to those who suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is a worldwide epidemic, and measures that were once considered standard for the treatment of ongoing conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis have consistently been shown to be less effective than medical marijuana. Holistic pain management options such as CBD oil provide chronic pain sufferers with the opportunity to treat their symptoms in a non-addictive way. Many prescription pain medications are habit forming and yield side effects ranging from unpleasant to life threatening.

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