Mothers Helping Mothers Helped Lead to Real Scientific Hemp Oil Carving a Dramatic Path to the Legalization of CBD Hemp Oil in Brazil

April 28, 2016

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA)

Amid considerable controversy and the international debate over the legalization of medical marijuana, hemp oil companies like Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA) are changing the lives of children who suffer from chronic medical conditions. Five-year-old Harper Howard’s parents Penny and Dustin discovered Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) and found that it was significantly more effective at treating their daughter’s seizures than any other medication had been. Little did they know that her story would touch the lives of another family living thousands of miles away across the globe.

Bringing Hope — Harper’s Story

Harper was diagnosed with CDKL5 epilepsy, a disease which caused as many as 40 severe seizures per day, when she was only two weeks old. Penny Howard reported that she was unable to experience a normal life with her daughter due to the severity of Harper’s condition. Seeking alternative treatments, they discovered RSHO, which changed their lives forever.

The hemp-based oil was the only thing that reduced Harper’s seizures enough to allow her to enjoy a normal, active life. While Harper later passed away due to complications from her a severe cold, she was able to experience months at a time free of seizures and her parents explained that they were able to get to know their daughter for who she really was.

The true miracle of Harper’s story can be found in Brazil, a nation that has legalized the use of RSHO for the treatment of other children like Harper who suffer from debilitating conditions. Harper’s mother launched “Hope 4 Harper,” a Facebook blog designed to chronicle her daughter’s experience with RSHO as a treatment for seizures caused by CDKL5. Little did her mother know that her blog would encourage Katiele Fischer, the Brazilian mother of a young girl named Anny who was also struggling with CDKL5. In search of treatments that would help her daughter lead a normal life, Katiele sought a way to access the same hemp oil that had changed little Harper’s life.

Katiele imported RSHO from the United States to Brazil and took care to document the process in consultation with a lawyer as well as Anny’s doctor. As in many countries, Brazil had previously banned the importation of any hemp products. At first, Katiele says that she was viewed by the Brazilian government as importing banned substances, but her valiant efforts to bring relief to her suffering daughter would soon be rewarded. In April 2015, Katiele challenged the decision of ANVISA (Brazil’s version of the FDA) and sued the federal government for her right to treat her daughter with RSHO.

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